Breathwork and Sound Bowl Healing

All of our Certified Breathwork and Sound Bowl Facilitators are Mental Health Therapist and/or Mental Health Professionals certified in Mental Health First Aid.

“In life, we tend to face events that challenge our emotional, mental, and physical health. My greatest hunger is to help others reconnect with their most authentic self. To look deeply inside and heal the places that have been wounded or forgotten. Through a safe, non-judgmental, and warm environment we can work together to rebuild and foster healthy connections with self and others. As we enter the therapeutic space we can begin to explore and process whatever comes up during the healing journey. Healing is not a linear process but I will be there to support you along the way.”

Londen Gatewood, AMFT Breathwork Facilitator & Sound Bowl Healer

A variety of

holistic approaches

are available

The journey towards healing can feel heavy and isolating, and my hope is to support you and be a helpful guide.

The focus will be on strengthening your connection with the mind, body, and spirit.

Breathwork and Sound Bowl Healing Groups are offered throughout the year!

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Some of our holistic and integrative approaches include:



Breakthrough Breathwork is a guided meditation using aromas, sounds, music, and intentional breathing. Breathwork is healing through our breath without words. Breathwork can heal, release and restore aspects of ourselves that are impacted by traumatic events. Our Breathwork class focuses on the mind, body and soul to bring release and relaxation.


can best be described as a wide variety of practices, ranging from deep breathing and mindfulness to inducing a state of altered consciousness. The process can help to increase spiritual awareness, relaxation, and overall emotional wellbeing

Sound Bowl Healing

Crystal Singing Bowls are played in a particular order to produce specific tones that activate various chakras (main energy centers) in the body. The sounds and vibrations are known to have a relaxing and hypnotic effect on the brain and body and can help relieve physical and mental stress.