About the Founder

Miyume McKinley, LCSW was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In 2004 she obtained her B.S. in Psychology from Xavier University of Louisiana. After graduating, Miyume relocated to Los Angeles, CA and obtained her Master of Social Work degree with a concentration in Community Mental Health from California State University Dominguez Hills.

Miyume McKinley, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and has worked over 15 years in the field of social services and mental health. She has had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings including group homes, schools, community-based therapy programs, private psychotherapy practices, non-profit organizations, EAP programs, hospitals, dialysis centers, and maternity homes. In addition to providing psychotherapy, Miyume has developed and facilitated trainings/workshops that promote the importance of mental and emotional health.

“What good would it do to fight for change in the world, but fail to heal from the emotional wounds inflicted by the world.”

– Miyume McKinley

In 2013, Miyume developed Epiphany, an Internet-Based Talk Radio Show on the Yikes Radio Network.  The goal of the Epiphany show is to break the negative stigmas associated with mental health by educating listeners on various mental health diagnoses, providing listeners with tips and tools on how to improve their emotional health, and interviewing guests who share their personal experiences in overcoming mental health challenges.  Past shows can be accessed on the Epiphany talk show website http://www.miyumemckinley.com.

In addition to her internet talk radio show, Miyume has written and published several mental health articles in various newspapers and magazines. She was a columnist for Hope for Women magazine in which she answered readers’ questions regarding various life challenges that could impact one’s emotional and mental health. Miyume McKinley, LCSW is an advocate for emotional and mental health, a dedicated psychotherapist and strives to promote healing, hope & peace of mind through all that she does.

In 2015, Miyume McKinley, LCSW founded Epiphany Counseling, Consulting & Treatment Services located in San Pedro, CA. Epiphany Counseling, Consulting & Treatment Services provides psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, families, children, adolescents, adults, and seniors in San Pedro, CA and surrounding areas in Los Angeles County.  For more information on Epiphany Counseling, Consulting & Treatment Services, please visit http://www.eccts.com.

After opening Epiphany Counseling, Miyume felt her mission to promote mental health awareness was not yet complete. She wanted to have an impact within the community and reach those who may be hesitant to take the first step in getting help for mental health issues. To accomplish this, Miyume launched her non-profit organization The Healing & Hope Foundation in 2018. The goal of The Healing & Hope Foundation is to promote mental health awareness and break stigma by providing mental health trainings to employees of schools and businesses, provide therapy groups on school campuses to aid children/adolescents in developing positive coping skills, hosting mental health education workshops to educate individuals and families directly impacted by mental illness, and by providing therapy groups to address various mental health challenges (trauma, depression, addiction, anxiety, etc.). For more information on The Healing & Hope foundation please visit http://www.healinghopefoundations.org

The Healing Black Intergenerational Trauma Center (The HBIT Center), founded in 2020, is one of the programs developed under The Healing and Hope Foundation.  The HBIT Center aims to aid the black community in healing from the many challenges resulting as a result of systematic racism and multi-generational oppression.

Meet our Community Liaison

Aryana Williams

Hi, I’m Aryana Williams,  I have an extensive background in community service and leadership. I am passionate about the care, support, and well-being of others, and have worked in social services for five years, volunteering at food banks and summer lunch services since the age of 11. I have also curated and run community events with my high school and local churches since the age of 15.

I’m currently studying Business and Marketing at El Camino College, and I enjoy combining my passion and education. My other interests include creating personalized or event-based playlists, spending time with my siblings, and watching sit-coms. One of my favorite quotes is from the leader of BTS, Kim Namjoon, who said: “Looking for answers when there aren’t any, but we still learn. Isn’t that what life is about?” I believe in valuing the experience, no matter where we are in life.

My goal is to connect the community to services needed to improve their quality of life. With my strong background in community service and leadership, I am dedicated to using my hands and mind to make turn a person’s hard times include lovely days.

“We need to talk about our trauma, life challenges and the experiences that impact our mental health.  NO MORE suffering in silence, it’s time to use your voice…it’s time to HEAL!” – Miyume McKinley, LCSW